Thursday, September 13, 2012

Landon Mate

So on friday I went to London to visit my lovely friend from school so she could take me out for the first time to a club! Since I turned 18 not that long ago I haven't been out and taken advantage of my passport (ID) We also went to oxford street, Chelsea and Bricklane! We ate loads of fastfood and had literally no sleep! It was all very exciting.

Oxford Street Pics; I haven't pictured what I wore coz I've already worn it here (the second outfit)
(yes Primark you KNOW to give us oxford street bags.) 
Anyway heres some other pics;

On Friday night we went out to GAY a Gay club, it was really fun! I suggest to anyone who has never been to a club go to a gay one first! since everyone's gay there, no creepy weirdos try it on with you, all though this guy did come up to us which was very funny, and his gay friend was like "he doesn't know which side hes on" Exxxxtremely fun night.

Club Attire; Top- Primark, Shorts- Topshop, and I wore tights and a cardigan from New Look. I was going to wear a skirt and heels buuuut no one was wearing heels, I was quite glad I didn't in the end anyway! my feet hurt so much from all the walking in oxford street! next time I shall do stretches beforehand.

GAY Pics;

On saturday we went to Chelsea, but we didnt actually leave the house till about 5 lol since we didn't go to bed till 8 in the morning! we literally ran there and took pics of everything in sight! then we were feeling hungry but the nearest food placesnwas closing so walked around a bit till we found a subway (after google mapping one closest to us, it took a while!) we were so happy to see food I pictured our reactions (below) v tehe, anyway I also haven't pictured what I wore coz I also wore it here (first outfit) :) enjooooy;

On sunday we went to Bricklane, we didn't have long since I had to catch my train, but we went to like every stool, my favourites were deffo the sunglasses and the bob marley one! (which i forgot to add to my little collage thing v) and all the lovely vintage shops, I wished we'd spent a little longer there I really wanted to buy some clothes!

Bricklane attire; Top- Topshop, Shorts- Miss Selfridge, and in the pics below I thought I'd show you my new sunglasses :) how cute are they, I'm totally loving this John Lennon phase i'm going through right now. 


Almost forgot to show you guys what I bought! Primark; Cardigan £12, Pjs £5 (super cute shorts totes had to buy them) tights £3 (they have like paisley shapes on them) bandeau £3 (it was lacy and white!) forever 21; never shopped here before since I find its very 'american' but I found these super cute cross rings! (too obsessed with crosses atm) can't rememebr how much they were :( below a £5 that's whats good about it, its cheap! bit like primark :) and of course my beloved sunglasses 3 for £10 best deal ever!
ps. sorry this was an extremely long post, it was a very eventful weekend! hope everyone had a fab weekend! :)


Monday, September 10, 2012

Essentials Review No.1

Thought I'd do a review on what I use pretty much on a daily basis, I've only done two as there's so much I want to review, but it would be an extremely long post, don't wanna bore anyone! so here you go :)

Driclor £6.19 from Boots
I'm gonna start with this beauty because its one of the best products I've like ever bought (I'm not even kidding) I was having problems with excess sweat (gross I know) so googled my troubles and how to solve them and it came up with this (as the cheapest option) 
What you do is you roll it over your underarm like a roll on deodorant, and wait for it to dry. You MUST make sure your underarms are dry and you haven't recently shaved beforehand as it stings like a bitch! but its sooo worth it, trust me. It's a great product for summer, and I can now wear tshirts! another plus is that it lasts about 2 days so you only have to apply every other day which is good. You must buy this! it wont let you down.

Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser £4.27
Clean & Clear Shine Control Daily Facial Moisturiser (don't think this is being sold anymore!)
Garnier Pure Long Lasting Shine Control Moisturiser (got this free, when I subscribed to Company)
Right I bought the first 2 first, quite a while ago to combat my terrible shiny/oily skin. I personally don't think they work! I had been using the Simple one up until I got the Garnier one. I used it every single day without fail and it didn't work my face was just so oily by the end of the day it was horrible. But when I subscribed to Company mag I got a whole lot of shine and oil control products from Garnier, Best subscription ever! my face isn't shiny anymore, I mean it doesn't fully get rid of the oil (by the end of the day it gets oily anyway) but it's the best product I've tried for my problem. But I guess if its such an issue you can always wear make up (which I don't, as it makes my face Incredibly dry) or those little tracing paper things (no idea what they're called as I can't find mine!) that soak it all up, they come in handy.

But yeah if anyones uses any of these products and has anything to say about them, tell me! :) or if you have the same problems as me tell me what you use! I will be very grateful :)


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

OOTD Sunday

So on Sunday I took my brother back to Boarding School (poor boy) And went to see my grandma who gave me a really cute jumper that my uncle didn't want anymore, don't you just love hand-me-downs?? 

Anyway here's what I wore; top- primark, jeans- new look, cardigan- h&m, socks- primark (i think) and i wore brown ugg bootys.
It was quite cold on sunday (and it rained a little cry cry cry) so I decided to wear jeans, so glad I did! The only problem is that we had a 5 ish hour drive :( and they are super tight so when my legs are crossed etc in the car they kind of dig into the back of my knees, but they're just so damn cute. Fashion over comfort hey.
btw i have no idea whats going on with my head! but how cute is this jumper I got from my uncle? v super chrismasy, love it.
ps. everyone was getting confused about the uni thing so I got rid of it! my bro was going back to Boarding School and i'm the one going to uni :P (which I cant wait for) just to make it less confusing :) xxxx


Monday, September 3, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

So it was my birthday on Thursday, I am now 18! woop :) some of my fam came around and we had a BBQ with loads of ribs and Bacardi breezer, thought i'd show you what i wore (yes I was absolutely freezing, due the typical english weather changing dramatically from super hot to super cold and wet!) and some other pics from the day :) you'll notice i'm a huge fan of hello kitty hehe.

What I wore; jumper- little shop in nottingham, shorts- topshop, vest top- primark
Necklace No.1- from Egypt, necklace No.2- got for my birthday from my grandma 

Here are a few pics from the day :)


Monday, August 27, 2012

LustHaves No. 2 Missguided

I've never shopped at Missguided as i dont really like shopping online, but i found these lovely's and i want them. all.  GIMME. GIMME. GIMME.

yes and in black hehe


Saturday, August 25, 2012

OOTD Friday

Went into town with my mum yesterday to find a cardigan and some dye so i can do some DIY tie dye shirts. went into john lewis to the haberdashery and was told the dye was downstairs?!?!?! no where near the haberdashery but near the cleaning products, which i thought was completely ridiculous but managed to find some purple and blue, i will do a DIY post when i've done the tops :)

Anyway here is a comfy outfi (sorry its getting a bit repetitive with the shorts, it's just too hot to wear anything else atm)t; top- new look, shorts- topshop, socks- no idea.
Even though i took these photos a couple weeks ago i actually wore this while (apart from the socks) i really love the top as its got an aztec pattern on it, and i like the fact that its slightly see-through (i don't know what my obsession with see-through things is) its also a really light material and great for summer :)


DIY No. 1 Cross Top

Was flicking through this months Campany and saw this outfit and really liked the vest top this DJ was wearing that was from topshop, as it was probs not in stores anymore and i don't think i would have been able to afford it anyway, i decided i'd make my own!

What you need; a black t shirt, i got mine from primark for £1! fabric cutting sissors, piece of paper and some chalk

T shirt

Fold the shirt in half

Then make a cross with the paper

Put the paper down the side of the shirt and draw around the edge with the chalk (sorry i don't have this pic!)

and start cutting! making sure not to cut the middle (just yet, as you wanna cut it the other way)

Make sure not to cut to thinly as it will stretch in the wash

(make sure to cut the middle part the other way, to give it a different effect)
This is what it looks like on, make sure to wash is after to get rid of the chalk! i will make sure to do an outfit  post :)

It was so easy to do, if anyone else tries it, tell me! :)


Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Life of Hannah No. 1

Since i take pictures of literally everything in life and been stock piling random photos, i decided to do one of these posts, since my life isn't that exciting its more over a couple weeks than a week :)

Isn't my ipad beautiful | me and my bro pulling funny faces on the ipad camera editor thing | yay more cards!! and £40 from my grandmas, score! | kitty sunbathing | trying to decide what to wear to see my friend, kieran who was visiting me | me being vain | Kieran instagraming my face | Kieran trying to take my photo in costa | new shoes | DIY cross shirt | sam trying out the air bed before going camping | my mum playing with boo | sam saying bye to boo before we go | camping in alfie, you can see my post here | picking up boo from the vets after coming back from camping | talking to people who are going to be on my course at uni, come back to my ipad after about 10 mins and had about 100 notifications, crazy.


Shopping trip! No. 1

Little bit overdue, didn't realise its almost friday! but i went shopping last week while my mums friend was visiting and picked up a few things.

What i wore; shorts- topshop, shirt- primark (sorry if i'm wearing this a lot i really like it!) don't ask why im wearing the tights! looked out the window and it looked like it was gonna be typical suckish english weather so i decided to wear the tights and if it got hot just take off my cardie! but to my luck it was super hot! :( regret much.

Anyway apart from it being super hot, i bought most of the stuff i wanted and got the spike flats i put on my lusthaves list which you can look at here :)

What i bought; chunky purple cardie, black shirt, a maroon shirt (which isn't pictured) and the spiked flats- primark, grey crop- topshop via charity shop, Levis- a vintage shop

Outside of primark there is a little vintage shop that id walked past a couple times but didn't really have the time to go have a snoop. So i decided why not? i have time to waste, i was pleasantly surprised though, as i found these lovely Levis and as im so in love with high waisted shorts atm i had to buy them! i was also super happy to find they had my size as id been trying to find a pair of shorts in primark but they never ever do my size (does this happen to you) as i'm quite small. they fit beautifully around my waist but they're a bit tight on the thighs but ahh well they look great, i couldn't resit :)

Wanna see how i'm wearing these? look here :)