Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Life of Hannah No. 1

Since i take pictures of literally everything in life and been stock piling random photos, i decided to do one of these posts, since my life isn't that exciting its more over a couple weeks than a week :)

Isn't my ipad beautiful | me and my bro pulling funny faces on the ipad camera editor thing | yay more cards!! and £40 from my grandmas, score! | kitty sunbathing | trying to decide what to wear to see my friend, kieran who was visiting me | me being vain | Kieran instagraming my face | Kieran trying to take my photo in costa | new shoes | DIY cross shirt | sam trying out the air bed before going camping | my mum playing with boo | sam saying bye to boo before we go | camping in alfie, you can see my post here | picking up boo from the vets after coming back from camping | talking to people who are going to be on my course at uni, come back to my ipad after about 10 mins and had about 100 notifications, crazy.


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