Sunday, August 12, 2012


So this weekend me and my fam went to a festival called white noise in norfolk, described as a VW van/music festival, it was soooo awesome. we traveled in our VDub Alfie as appropriate. we saw the arctic monkeys and kasabian tribute bands, they were also rather awesome you wouldn't even think they were tribute bands?!?!? apart from the front-men looked nothing like the actual ones!....but still awesome awesome awesome, would love to have gone with friends as i wouldn't have minded dancing the night away to pendulum, but my fam are boring so we went to bed. was my bros birthday on the sat was a good day, apart from my bro getting rather stressy due to being a teenager and now at the ripe age of 15. anyway here's some pics;

What I wore; peace bracelet- a present, flower bracelets- from when I was younger, friendship bracelet- handmade, flower bracelet- shop in Gib, nail varnish- Barry M

Friday; top- primark, shorts- miss selfridge, bag- choice, shoes- shoe zone, sunglasses- camden market

Saturday; top- new look, shorts- miss selfidge, socks- primark, necklace- topshop, headband- festival
Saturday night; top- quiz, shoes- shoe zone, hat- some random shop

Photos from the weekend;

Top 3 beetles, splittys, bay windows and other cars
Did anyone else go? and I hope everyone had a good weekend :)


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