Saturday, August 25, 2012

DIY No. 1 Cross Top

Was flicking through this months Campany and saw this outfit and really liked the vest top this DJ was wearing that was from topshop, as it was probs not in stores anymore and i don't think i would have been able to afford it anyway, i decided i'd make my own!

What you need; a black t shirt, i got mine from primark for £1! fabric cutting sissors, piece of paper and some chalk

T shirt

Fold the shirt in half

Then make a cross with the paper

Put the paper down the side of the shirt and draw around the edge with the chalk (sorry i don't have this pic!)

and start cutting! making sure not to cut the middle (just yet, as you wanna cut it the other way)

Make sure not to cut to thinly as it will stretch in the wash

(make sure to cut the middle part the other way, to give it a different effect)
This is what it looks like on, make sure to wash is after to get rid of the chalk! i will make sure to do an outfit  post :)

It was so easy to do, if anyone else tries it, tell me! :)



  1. Love this! Great Idea :)


    1. yeah and its great if you have an old t shirt that you don't wear and you wanna spice it up a little! x