Monday, September 10, 2012

Essentials Review No.1

Thought I'd do a review on what I use pretty much on a daily basis, I've only done two as there's so much I want to review, but it would be an extremely long post, don't wanna bore anyone! so here you go :)

Driclor £6.19 from Boots
I'm gonna start with this beauty because its one of the best products I've like ever bought (I'm not even kidding) I was having problems with excess sweat (gross I know) so googled my troubles and how to solve them and it came up with this (as the cheapest option) 
What you do is you roll it over your underarm like a roll on deodorant, and wait for it to dry. You MUST make sure your underarms are dry and you haven't recently shaved beforehand as it stings like a bitch! but its sooo worth it, trust me. It's a great product for summer, and I can now wear tshirts! another plus is that it lasts about 2 days so you only have to apply every other day which is good. You must buy this! it wont let you down.

Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser £4.27
Clean & Clear Shine Control Daily Facial Moisturiser (don't think this is being sold anymore!)
Garnier Pure Long Lasting Shine Control Moisturiser (got this free, when I subscribed to Company)
Right I bought the first 2 first, quite a while ago to combat my terrible shiny/oily skin. I personally don't think they work! I had been using the Simple one up until I got the Garnier one. I used it every single day without fail and it didn't work my face was just so oily by the end of the day it was horrible. But when I subscribed to Company mag I got a whole lot of shine and oil control products from Garnier, Best subscription ever! my face isn't shiny anymore, I mean it doesn't fully get rid of the oil (by the end of the day it gets oily anyway) but it's the best product I've tried for my problem. But I guess if its such an issue you can always wear make up (which I don't, as it makes my face Incredibly dry) or those little tracing paper things (no idea what they're called as I can't find mine!) that soak it all up, they come in handy.

But yeah if anyones uses any of these products and has anything to say about them, tell me! :) or if you have the same problems as me tell me what you use! I will be very grateful :)



  1. I actually find that Simple, although claimed to be all natural, breaks me out real bad! You should try bioderma its really good but you have to order it online as they don't sell it in the uk, only in France! xx

    1. Yeah! I try to avoid it and stick with garnier! But I'll check that out thank you :) xx

  2. the products are very good! your blog is very good and interesting *_* follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


    1. Thank you Ahaaa, I've just checked out you're blog it's cute :) xx

  3. Replies
    1. Yes they're really good I use like only garner products for my face! :) x