Thursday, September 13, 2012

Landon Mate

So on friday I went to London to visit my lovely friend from school so she could take me out for the first time to a club! Since I turned 18 not that long ago I haven't been out and taken advantage of my passport (ID) We also went to oxford street, Chelsea and Bricklane! We ate loads of fastfood and had literally no sleep! It was all very exciting.

Oxford Street Pics; I haven't pictured what I wore coz I've already worn it here (the second outfit)
(yes Primark you KNOW to give us oxford street bags.) 
Anyway heres some other pics;

On Friday night we went out to GAY a Gay club, it was really fun! I suggest to anyone who has never been to a club go to a gay one first! since everyone's gay there, no creepy weirdos try it on with you, all though this guy did come up to us which was very funny, and his gay friend was like "he doesn't know which side hes on" Exxxxtremely fun night.

Club Attire; Top- Primark, Shorts- Topshop, and I wore tights and a cardigan from New Look. I was going to wear a skirt and heels buuuut no one was wearing heels, I was quite glad I didn't in the end anyway! my feet hurt so much from all the walking in oxford street! next time I shall do stretches beforehand.

GAY Pics;

On saturday we went to Chelsea, but we didnt actually leave the house till about 5 lol since we didn't go to bed till 8 in the morning! we literally ran there and took pics of everything in sight! then we were feeling hungry but the nearest food placesnwas closing so walked around a bit till we found a subway (after google mapping one closest to us, it took a while!) we were so happy to see food I pictured our reactions (below) v tehe, anyway I also haven't pictured what I wore coz I also wore it here (first outfit) :) enjooooy;

On sunday we went to Bricklane, we didn't have long since I had to catch my train, but we went to like every stool, my favourites were deffo the sunglasses and the bob marley one! (which i forgot to add to my little collage thing v) and all the lovely vintage shops, I wished we'd spent a little longer there I really wanted to buy some clothes!

Bricklane attire; Top- Topshop, Shorts- Miss Selfridge, and in the pics below I thought I'd show you my new sunglasses :) how cute are they, I'm totally loving this John Lennon phase i'm going through right now. 


Almost forgot to show you guys what I bought! Primark; Cardigan £12, Pjs £5 (super cute shorts totes had to buy them) tights £3 (they have like paisley shapes on them) bandeau £3 (it was lacy and white!) forever 21; never shopped here before since I find its very 'american' but I found these super cute cross rings! (too obsessed with crosses atm) can't rememebr how much they were :( below a £5 that's whats good about it, its cheap! bit like primark :) and of course my beloved sunglasses 3 for £10 best deal ever!
ps. sorry this was an extremely long post, it was a very eventful weekend! hope everyone had a fab weekend! :)



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  2. i wish i lived in england, i feel like you have all the amazing shops there and we don't have anything :D

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  8. love london!one of my favorite cities! looks like you had a great weekend! :)

  9. ooh looks like you had a great time! love your outfits :-)

  10. Awesome post! Im yet to go GAY! gona have to take me one time.
    P.S. Loving the outfit with the skeleton shirt! <3

  11. Sounds like you had a great time! Love your Bricklane outfit - gorgeous shorts! xx

  12. I LOVE London! The city is AMAZING <3!! Your Outfits as well :)!
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